Mormonism’s Fatal Problem

Mormonism’s number one problem

By Jacob Howard

What is the most important difference between Christianity and every other religion? That is a question every human being should be asking and every Christian should be answering.

Now, the title of this article is directed to Mormons, but, it covers all religions I have ever encountered outside of Christianity! I am writing this article, however, for a Mormon friend who has taken an interest in this difference.

The critical difference between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the eternal life He offers and all other religions is the addition of “works”. What does this “works” mean? Well, by definition in context, the word “works” means good deeds.

Now, I am not telling you good deeds send you to hell, no, the definition means quite a different thing when you look at the way it is used.

When the New Testament speaks of human “works” it is referring to the way humans try and work their way to heaven. It tells us how humans do not think God’s gift of Salvation is good enough to get them to heaven.Ladder_Coming

These people may word it differently but it all boils down to that, they don’t think God can do it so they boost their own ego by trying to do it for Him. This kind of work can appear in many forms:

I do good works to better myself

I do good works to make myself feel better

I do good works because that is the purpose of life

And many more

So, what is wrong with doing good deeds and trying to help earn your “ticket” to heaven?

Imagine you have no car. Granted, you love cars, especially the new one that just came out. Unfortunately, you do not have the money to buy one. In fact, you hardly have any money at all.

Then, one day you get a knock on your door. A man stands outside the door and tells you the knew of your need and that you had no way of getting a car. Then, the man moves to the side and shows you a brand new car, the very one you had only seen in ads.

Before you can scream and go crazy the man tells you his father has an infinite amount of money and love for you and decided to invest the car into your hands. You go ecstatic! You can not thank the man enough and you tell him to thank his father too. The man says he will and does.

The next day the man returns to your door and you eagerly meet him and thank him again for the car. The man sees the car is in perfect condition and that you have definitely driven it. You tell the man what a difference this car has made in your life.

Then, you tell the man to wait and you run into the house. You come back with something in your hand. You tell the man you are very thankful and that you would like to help the man’s father pay for the car. You produce a dime from your hand and offer it to the man. You tell him this dime is to help pay for the car.

I think you can imagine what that man would act like when offered such a pathetic payback to a father who has infinite amount of the very thing you are offering. But, it isn’t the dime and the infinite amount of money that the father has that makes the man mad. No, it is the motive behind your actions.

The man will be furious because of the way you treated his gift by trying to repay it, making it a gift no more.

This is the vital mistake that all other religions make. They try to repay the gift of Salvation by working to repay it with a little love, mercy, kindness, etc. to the Father who already has an infinite amount of love, mercy, kindness, etc. This is the critical difference between the Saved and the un-saved.

But, imagine you are given the car under the same circumstances. You are very happy about it and still measure the same thankfulness. However, instead of offering to repay the man you make sure the car is clean and you go out and pick up homeless people and drive them to their needed destination. You bring disabled people to concerts, movies, etc. Imagine, that you use the gift for good instead of trying to repay it. This motive is one that James speaks of:

Yea, a man may say, “Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” (James 2:18)

You, as an unbeliever or a Christian, must show your faith by your works (using the car for good) instead of trying to repay the ultimate gift. This is the critical difference between the Saved and the un-saved, Eternal life and Eternal damnation and the Gospel and the Lie!

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