What Mormons Want Others To Believe

Seven beliefs Mormonism teaches

By Jacob Howard

The following is based off a presentation on Mormonism I am currently developing. I hope to release it soon; it will explain a lot of these points in a very in-depth way.

What Mormons want others to believe (note: this is just a short list of some of the important factors):a

  1. That God is one of many gods, was once a man, like us, made out of flesh and bones, and has many, many wives of which he bears all human spirits.
  2. That Jesus is the brother of Satan, that His death and resurrection was not sufficient to wash away our sins.
  3. We have to do many, many works in order to meet God halfway and take care of the sins that Jesus couldn’t.
  4. That African Americans are inferior to “white” men and that their color is a curse from God.
  5. That God is Michael the Archangel and Adam and Eve is one of His many wives.
  6. That the shedding of our own blood in death can cover some sins that Jesus’ blood could not and that if you deny Mormonism that you should be killed.
  7. That the Book of Mormon is reliable historically, scientifically and theologically.
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